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The Story of MOAR

By Samira Munir

On a gloomy day in June, 2015 Nahid and Nabila were just finishing up final preparations for the launch of Moar, next day. Exhaustion failed to keep their spirits down. As they looked around the neatly decorated office premises, they felt proud of their work so far. The office did not resemble anything like the bare commercial space it had been only a month ago. Going through the dwindling list of things to be done they couldn’t help but wonder how well they worked together.

Nabila’s spontaneity and Nahid’s cool composure helps keep things running like a well oiled machine. Everyday even before reaching work, they are already communicating via cell phone what needs to be done for the day. By the end of the day there’s still work to be done, which is neatly delegated amongst the two and taken home. After all running two startups is a twenty four hour job. This amazing duo wears many hats and seem unstoppable. They started their architecture and design firm Ree in 2015. In the same year they launched another venture, a coworking space called Moar. Here's the story of how it all began.

Not so long ago Nabila and Nahid, friends and young architects from BRAC University, dreamt of a place where entrepreneurs could work without worrying about logistics such as rent, utility, electricity, etc. The dream was born out of the frustration that as freelance architects, they were unable to find a professional setting to talk to their clients. On one hand private homes were too personal and on the other, restaurants/cafes were far from being professional. It did not take long before they realized that they are not the only ones facing such problems. The building blocks of Moar started to form as both discussed the possibilities. Moar, became a reality after only a year.

The journey from idea to execution was a short one. This is because they realized the growing need for a coworking spaces in Dhaka, thanks to a silent revolution sweeping through the alleys of Dhaka city. More and more people are daring to test the waters of the exciting but difficult world of entrepreneurship. Nahid and Nabila are well aware of that start up boom and they have big plans. Moar is the manifestation of their dream to see Bangladesh as a forerunner for innovative businesses in the world and they want to play a part in the process by providing entrepreneurs and small businesses a lift on their first stepping stone.

As Bangladesh slowly but surely treads towards being the next big startup in Asia, coworking spaces such as Moar will play as a catalyst by offering young entrepreneurs not only a temporary/permanent home for their startup but also a community where they can work alongside others just like them and benefit from their knowledge and experience. At Moar, Nabila and Nahid want to create a culture of collaboration and support where entrepreneurs feel safe in knowing that they are right to follow their dreams and where they can meet their future partner, investors or clients. They want Moar to be the spot where they take the next big turn in their journey of entrepreneurship and fulfillment Not coincidentally as such, the word Moar, in Bengali, means a major turning point on a road.

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