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Have ৳. 5000 at hand?

Start a successful business!

Bangladesh is one of the easiest countries on Earth to build up a profitable firm, at minimal cost. All it takes is merely . 5,000 and a pinch of persistent passion.

Graphic Design specialist

Termed as a package, this sector can be dissected into numerous fields; demand for all of which shall sustain in Bangladesh for the foreseeable future. These fields include Editorial Design Specialist (includes diagramming, Photoshop and InDesign expertise), Web/Mobile Design Specialist (demands proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator along with HTML/CSS knowledge), Color Design Specialist (includes a keen eye for hue differences, Illustrator and Photoshop knowledge), Illustration Specialist (requires creative and unique designs to be made from scratch) and Corporate Design (requires logo designs, promotional material designs, social media artwork etc.).

Of course, all of the sectors stated above require you to, at the very least, have comprehensive knowledge regarding specific software: InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to be precise. Hence, your investment fund would not be used for any physical requirements (considering you have a decent computer), but to gain comprehensive knowledge about these platforms.

Personal fitness coach

With new eateries sprouting on every corner, the need for a health conscious lifestyle has been bubbling within the upper and middle-class population of the cities. While gyms are effective, people seek for personal trainers and are even willing to pay premium for the extra attention and personalized treatment. However, for you to pull this off, two requirements must be fulfilled:

Firstly, you must understand that physical appearance plays a big role in this sector, and your capabilities shall be judged upon it. Before you begin training others, you must train yourself into an expert.

Secondly, your abs can only do so much to attract and retain potential clients. You must make a name for yourself. Contributing to English dailies and opening up a blog will work wonders here to gain traction in demand.

Delivery service

With the food department taken care of with the likes of Food Panda and HungryNaki, it is time for the rest of the market to be conquered. With simply a Facebook page, you shall be able to tap into a niche market for small-scale product delivery. Typically outsourced, this service shall sustain its demanding position considering the difficulties of transit. All you need in addition, is a bicycle, which comes quite cheap nowadays.

Small scale sourcing

This refers to locating creative people who have certain artistic abilities and help them sell their products to a broader market at a skimmed price. Launching off with personal DIY (do-it-yourself) and home-made products for sale on a Facebook page, you may slowly gain traction and attention from others who are looking for a creative outlet for their hobbies and interests. You may look out for personal paintings, home décor items, paper decorations, office beautification's and much more. The key to this idea is simple: if you’re good at something, no matter how small it is, never do it for free.

Content provider

Giving the demand for great graphics a run for its money, the need for great content has suddenly emerged in the digital market in the past year. What content refers to here is proper written content, whether it is copy-writing or sources of original feature articles for blogs or publications. The two broad areas to concentrate here are creative writing and research writing, with the latter being the more difficult skill to acquire and subsequently more lucrative.

Businesses require consistent content on a daily basis, and are reluctant to hire writers due to the loss of diversity over a certain period of time. Hence, outsourcing is seen as the best option to freelancers and content specialist firms. Well, that's your cue. All you need is a laptop and a crash course on the field you wish to tap into (either research tier or creative tier).

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