• Work More, Worry Less

    "It's easier to be a workaholic than to have a truly balanced life!"

    What is Moar?

    The Concept

    MOAR is a Coworking Space


    We offer shareable and affordable commercial space for various professional work at a conveniently located building on Banani Road 11, Dhaka. You can rent a desk, a room or even the entire space.

    Why choose Moar?

    The Value

    Work more & Worry less at Moar.


    At Moar you pay only for the time you work. We take care of the rent, the utility bills, the internet, the generator, the furniture, the air conditioning, the cleanliness of the premises. What's more, refreshments are on us!

    Who can use Moar?

    The Community

    MOAR is for Workaholics.


    If you are passionate about your work and want to worry about nothing but your work then you will fit right in! At Moar, we are dedicated to create a culture of collaboration and communication amongst our clients.

  • Our Story

    Not so long ago Nabila and Nahid, friends and young architects from BRAC University, longed for a place where entrepreneurs could work without worrying about logistics such as rent, utility, electricity, etc in Dhaka city and more specifically close to the bustling Banani and Gulshan areas. The dream was born out of the frustration that as freelance architects, they were unable to find a professional setting to talk to their clients that matched their budget and preference. On one hand private homes were too personal and on the other, restaurants/cafes were far from being professional. It did not take long before they realized that they are not the only ones facing such problems.


    The need for an accessible, affordable and temporary workspace solution or in short a coworking space was the obvious solution. The building blocks of Moar started to form as both discussed the possibilities. Moar, became a reality in July 2015, after only a year!


    To learn more checkout it's origin story on our blog.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What does the word MOAR mean?

    The word Moar is a Bangla word which means a turning point on a road.

    What is a Co working Space?

    A coworking space rents out commercial office space typically on a temporary or semi permanent basis. The idea is to allow businesses who do not have their own dedicated office space, to have easy access to a professional space just for the time they need the space for. For example consider an entrepreneur who is just starting up business. He does not have too much capital at hand. As a result he is unable to invest in an office space for his company. An office space would allow him to meet with prospective clients, investors or even brainstorm with teams. However, due to lack of fund he cannot do so. Insert a coworking space, the entrepreneur now can just book a meeting room or a desk at a coworking space and do his work for that amount of time. All he has to do is pay for those hours. Once his work is done he can walk out without any headaches.

    How do I become a Member?

    To become a member you have to prepay for 40 hours of work time for the flexible  space and quiet space. For the meeting spaces you have to pre pay for only 12 hours of meeting time to become a member. The prepaid hours must be used up within a month. Please check out our pricing section to find out about our rates.

    Can I book a dedicated office space for my startup?

    We do not offer permanent and dedicated space. You can however, prebook office space and walk in anytime and start working by just grabbing a desk. To learn more email us. 

    How do I rent a space at MOAR?

    To rent a space all you have to do is visit us and pay for your work time. You can book in advance or do a walk in and pay right then and there. We are flexible.

    What types of office space does MOAR offer? 

    We have a versatile range of office spaces. Brainstorm your next business idea at our private work session rooms, impress a client at our meeting rooms, conduct a seminar at our conference room or focus on work at one of our individual work desks for a few hours, you will find a space suited for your work at Moar without breaking the bank.


    What is the basic difference between a coworking space and an office?

    The space in a coworking space can be used optimally. Many user can use the space according to their requirement. Think of it as commuting on a bus, instead of owning a private car. As a passenger you not only are saving money but you also need not worry about fuel, maintenance, parking etc. Now replace the bus with a commercial workspace and each individual passenger as a freelancer/startup and you have Moar.


    Who are your users?

    Our goal is to create a diverse community of professionals so that you can grow along with us through the connections you make at Moar. Our doors are open to students, startups, freelancers or any organization who is looking for a professional space on a temporary or semi-permanent basis.

    Can I work at Moar?

    All of our current positions has been filled.

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